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Langtang Valley Trekking10 Days

Langtand is one of the nearest trekking destination from Kathmandu located in the northern direction from the valley.

$0Langtang Region

Country: Nepal

Grade: Soft Trek

Area: Annapurna Region

Group Size:

Goisaikunda Lake Trekking8 Days

The land of Gosaikunda is located close to the Tibetan border fully enclosed by chains of mountains. The trek starts

$0Langtang Region

  • Country: Nepal
  • Grade: Soft Trek
  • Area: Langtang Region
  • Group Size:

Langtang Helambu Trekking15 Days

Helambu is one of the best short treks situated to the north-east of Kathmandu valley. The area is reknowned for the

$0Langtang Region

  • Country: Nepal
  • Total Duration:

Tamang Heritage Village Trekking10 Days

Tamang Heritage Village Trek is all about exploring the unique culture and traditions of the local Tamang in the

$0Langtang Region