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Trishuli river rafting0 Days

Trishuli River is the most visited among the white water rafting in Nepal as it is an easily accessible destination. The rafting can be done with


Duration: 2 days Program

Type: Raft

Mode of Travel: River

Rafting Start Trip: Charaudi

End Trip:

Marsyangdi River Rafting0 Days

Marsyangdi River rafting which is also reputed as the best white water rafting over the world offers wonderful scenery along the trip. The river

$0Marshyangdi River

Name of the River: Marshyandi River

Distance from Kathmandu: 180 km to Khudi

Recommended Season: Oct. to

Karnali River Rafting0 Days

Karnali River is the longest as well as the biggest river of Nepal. The river rafting in the Karnali is exceptional

$0Karnali River

Name:   Karnali river

Type:     Raft

Mode Of Travel: River

Kali Gandaki River Rafting0 Days

The Kali Gandaki river rafting provides an amazing experience in the world’s deepest gorge. The river along the

$0Kaligandaki River

Possible operation: Autumn & Spring

Rafting days: 2 Nights 3 days

Entrance by: 30 - minute flight or a 6-hour drive

Sunkoshi River Rafting0 Days

Sun Koshi River also known as the golden river is a second most popular white river rafting in Nepal. The strikingly

$0Sun Koshi River

Name: Sunkoshi River

Possible operation: Round the year

Entrance by: Drive 3 hours east to from