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Climate of Nepal

The drastic change in the topography results in the sub-tropical to arctic climate in Nepal. The southern part of the country, the terai region has a hot and humid climate. The hill region has a more favorable climatic condition for livelihood. Then the northern part of the country known as the Himalayan range that lies above the altitude of 3000m is a alpine zone with relatively low to freezing temperature. The diversity of landscape and unique geography, Nepal experiences six different seasons, viz. spring (April - May), summer (June - July), monsoon (late-June – mid-September), autumn (September - November), winter (December - January) and windy (February - March). Spring is vibrant and colorful with occasional showers amid the heat. Monsoon is a relief after the scorching summer heat. Autumn brings clarity in the sky and a pleasant temperature. The winter chills barren the hills and usually cover with snow.