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About Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country in the South Asia between the People’s Republic of China in North and Republic of India in the east, south and west. The land lies in the Himalayan region with total area of 147,181 sq. km, being the 93rd largest country of the world by land mass. It is the 41st populated country with population of approximately 30 million. The capital city is Kathmandu which is a cultural hub of the country and renowned as an open art gallery.


The geographical variation of mountain, hills and terai, make the country a biologically diverse area.The altitude from the sea level ranges from 60m to the highest point in the world which is the height of the Mt. Everest. The mountainous country has its glory with the top 10 highest mountain of the world. Though small in size, Nepal offers great adventure in the mountains, various activities in the white water river, amazing panoramic views of high peaks and landscapes, exotic fauna and flora and an opportunity to explore the traditional lifestyle of people hidden in the Shangri-la of nature. The country rich in art and culture is also a perfect example of religious tolerance where Hinduism and Buddhism co-exist in harmony.