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Trekking equipments

Trekking equipments at top conditions are necessary for every trekker to make the trekking more efficient and fun. The equipments can be bought per your requirements before heading out for the expedition. The required equipments have been categorized into various parts for your ease.

Trekking equipment list:


  • Sun cap
  • Wool hat to cover ears
  • Sunglasses and reading spectacles
  • Scarf to cover face

Body (upper)

  • T-shirts x3
  • Light wear thermal tops x3
  • Merino/ fleece long sleeve tops x2
  • Waterproof shell jacket
  • Down vest/jacket
  • Poncho rain cover

Body (lower)

  • Under garments
  • Hiking shorts
  • Lightweight walking pants
  • Lightweight thermal leggings
  • Fleece or tracksuit pants
  • Waterproof shell pants


  • Lightweight fleece gloves
  • Heavyweight gloves
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Trail map and guide book


  • thin cotton inner socks x3
  • thick warm wool hiking socks x3
  • Hiking boots (with spare laces)
  • Walking sneakers
  • Sandals


  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Pillow case

Medical Kit

  • Complete medical kit (contact your doctor)
  • Include Dimox

Personal hygiene

  • quick dry towel & face cloth
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • toothbrush and paste (biodegradable)
  • multipurpose wipes
  • deodorant
  • face and body moisturizer
  • nail clipper
  • comb/brush
  • small mirror
  • cloth washing soap (biodegradable)
  • toilet paper
  • anti-bacterial wipes
  • hand sanitizer (small bottle)
  • sun block (high UV protection)
  • lip block (high UV protection)
  • feminine hygiene products


  • headlight and spare batteries
  • hand torch and spare batteries
  • open neck water bottle x2
  • watch with light and alarm
  • pack cover
  • money belt
  • playing cards
  • walking poles

Extra item

  • camera and extra batteries
  • binoculars
  • books to read
  • journal and pen
  • energy/ protein bars
  • walkman and steripen